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20.11.2021 / Mönchengladbach (Photos by R.Will)

OE-LKR ATR72-600 Myanmar without enginees
OY-JZB AT72-600 ex SAS - Scandinavian Airlines

14.11.2021 / Maastricht (Photos by R.Will)

9H-MSK B747-4H6(BDSF) Mesk Air
4L-GEO B747-236B(SF) Geo-Sky

31.10.2021 / Maastricht (Photos by R.Will)

RA-67268 Dash8-400 Aurora

09.10.2021 / Maastricht (Photos by R.Will)

4L-MWC B737-7SC(BDSF) MyWay Airlines

26.09.2021 / Soest Flugplatz (Photos by R.Will)

7Q-YAE Let L-410UVP Private owner

24-26.09.2021 / Palma de Mallorca (Photos by V.Heumann)

19.09.2021 / Athen (Photos by V.Heumann)

17-19.09.2021 / Rhodos (Photos by V.Heumann)

16.09.2021 / BER Berlin Brandenburg (Photos by V.Heumann)

13-15.09.2021 / Warschau (Photos by V.Heumann)

LOT Pics....

14.09.2021 / Warschau - Minsk Mazowiecki

12.09.2021 / Maastricht (Photos by R.Will)

P4-KCG ERJ190LR Myanmar Air in new colours

12.09.2021 / Mönchengladbach (Photos by R.Will)

N1199 ATR72-212A ex Avianca Colombia (HK-5323)

04.09.2021 / Kattowitz (Photos by V.Heumann)

24.08.2021 / Berlin Brandenburg (Photos by V.Heumann)

25.07.2021 / Leipzig/Halle (Photos by V.Heumann)

19.+20.07.2021 / Hamburg-Finkenwerder (Photos by V.Heumann)

19.+20.07.2021 / Hamburg-Fühlsbüttel (Photos by V.Heumann)

HB-JPB A321-271NX Swiss (20.07.2021)
M-LWCW Global 7500 Eircraft Ltd. (20.07.2021)
D-AYAR + CC-DVA A321-251NX SKY Airline on Approach FKW (19.07.2021)
D-AVXM + B-324P A321-253NX China Southern Touch&Go (19.07.2021)
LY-DAT ATR42-500 Danish Air Transport (19.07.2021)

17.07.2021 / Frankfurt/Hahn (Photos by R.Will)

N700KW B767-336(ER) Eastern Airlines
9H-FFC A340-642 Air X Charter Woldcargo Titels

03.05.2021 / Ramstein (Photos by V.Heumann)

ZZ338 A330-243MRTT Royal Air Force
07-8609 C130J Hercules U.S. Air Force

03.05.2021 / Frankfurt/Hahn (Photos by V.Heumann)

VP-BJL B777-35E(ER) Nordwind Airlines all white Titel
N472MC B747-45E(BDSF) Atlas Air
N471MC B747-412(BCF) Atlas Air all white Titel
EW-556TQ B747-409(BDSF) Ruby Star Covid 19 Frighter sticker

16.03.2021 / Maastricht (Photos by R.Will)

5N-BWK CRJ-900 Ibom Air
P4-KCG ERJ-190 Air Astana

15.03.2021 / Mönchengladbach (Photos by V.Heumann)

YA-KMP ATR42-500 Kam Air
G-ISLK ATR72-200 Blue Islands

14.02.2021 / Maastricht (Photos by R.Will)

VQ-BWT B747-412(BCF) Longtail-Aviation

04.02.2021 / Paderobrn-Lippstadt (Photo by R.Will)

9XR-WF B737-84YW Rwand Air for maintenance

31.01.2021 / Maastricht (Photos by R.Will)

VP-BJP B777-367(ER) Nordwind Airlines
VP-BJG B777-2Q8(ER) Nordwind Airlines

25.01.2021 / Mönchengladbach (Photos by R.Will)

T7-HGW SF-50 Vision Private owner
OM-YKS Citation 560XL Elite Jet
NAF931 ATR42MP Nigeria Air Force

16.01.2021 / Ramstein (Photos by V.Heumann)

ZE707 BAe146-200 Royal Air Force
50002 + 60025 C-5 USAF

03.01.2021 / Lüttich (Photos by R.Will)

EW-505TR IL-62MF Rada Airlines
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